Lockdown can be tough - so to help we are offering a 20% DISCOUNT on EVERYTHING! Use code LOCKDOWN20 on Checkout
Lockdown can be tough - so to help we are offering a 20% DISCOUNT on EVERYTHING! Use code LOCKDOWN20 on Checkout

5 Things Which Can Make Cats Anxious

It’s not just an unsettling time for us, our beautiful beasts will be able to pick up on the different energy we may be giving off. They didn’t get the name scaredy cat for nothing!

Here are 5 things which can make cats anxious:

    Cats are sensitive beasts so disciplining them in an overly harsh way will have a negative effect. You want to train them in a way that strengthens the bond between you. If the problem is with toilet training it may be that there are not enough trays in the house, or it’s not clean enough for them to want to use. If the problem is with aggression, watch for triggers there may be something that is setting your cat off, they may need more things to entertain them, or it may be something in their diet or health-related. If in doubt always speak with your vet.
    ‘Stranger danger’ is something instinctive to some cats especially if they are not socialized well to humans from an early age. If new people coming into the home causes fear and panic, start with gradual introductions, allowing your cat to make the first moves.
    It’s not just fireworks that can strike fear in our cats, but any loud noises, they do have exceptional hearing after all! Ensure there is a safe sheltered place for your cat to go, and try and acclimatize your cats early on to strange noises.
    Cats like a room with lots of places to offer protection and somewhere to hide, that’s why the Codedimoda cat beds and the House Of Paws cat beds work so well.
    Cats like the security they feel from their home and not all embrace change. If you are going on holiday having someone to come and stay at your home can often work better. House moves are inevitable, one way to deal with this is to get your cat used to one room in the new house, and as they feel more at home open the rest of the house up to them.

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