5 Water Safety Tips Every Dog Owner Should Know

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Summer holidays are here, and if you are off to enjoy some waterbased activities with the family, it’s worth quickly reminding yourself on some top tips on keeping your dog safe in the water.

5 Water Safety Tips Every Dog Owner Should Know 1
  1. If your plans involve a delicious picnic by the lake, remember just like humans, dogs need time to digest food before swimming, allow 45 minutes before their swimming activities.
  2. Which comes onto number 2) Not all dogs are swimmers, and those that are, not all of them are strong swimmers. Invest in a dog’s life jacket, which will give you and them peace of mind that they will not come to any harm.
  3. It’s a good idea to research the water quality of the area you will be going to ahead of time, some algae can be toxic, and stagnant water could lead to leptospirosis (a bacteria from rats pee) worth reading up in case of any outbreaks. Don’t let them drink the water, make sure you have fresh water to hand as swimming can be quite strenuous for them.
  4. It’s best to remove your dog’s collar to prevent it from getting caught on something, never leave them alone in the water, and remember they get much heavier when wet, so be sure if they get into trouble you can still lift them.
  5. Swimming pools are lots of fun, but you need to make sure your dog knows how to get out of the water, ledges are not easy for them so make sure they are able to exit. Don’t force your dog in if they are not keen, and once finished shower off the chlorine and dry their ears.
5 Water Safety Tips Every Dog Owner Should Know 2

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