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Yorkshire Terrier in Picture Frame

A Shout Out To Yorkshire Terriers

A Shout Out To Yorkshire Terriers 1

A Shout Out To Yorkshire Terriers

There has been a saddening claim that in the UK the lovable Yorkshire Terrier (or Yorkie to their friends) may be extinct in less than 20 years!

Ownership has been on the decline with figures of 80% being quoted.

Why you may ask, what have we suddenly got against this bundle of joy? Well it seems Yorkies need to get their social media game up, their instagram presence is just not up to scratch, and the fame they found from the likes of Wizard of Oz is wearing thin. (editors note, Toto was actually played by a Cairn Terrier)

So here at Fletcher Of London, we don’t want to give any beautiful beast a complex, so here are 5 reasons why you have to love the Yorkshire Terrier.

  1. Yorkies go a long way back. A champion dog named ‘Huddersfield Ben’ born in 1865 is thought to be the father of the modern Yorkshire Terriers.
  2. There is a personality for everyone, they can be cuddly and affectionate wanting nothing more than to follow round after their family throughout the day. They can also be perky and outgoing, and into just about everything.
  3. If you are after a glamorous dog you can’t go wrong with a Yorkshire Terrier, as they are small they often travel in style, being carried around in their owners favourite shoulder bag.
  4. Audrey Hepburn saw the wonderful in the Yorkshire Terrier, her much loved Yorkie was called ‘Mr Famous‘, and appeared in several of her films.
  5. They are smart little dogs and sensitive too. A Yorkie named ‘Smoky’ became a World War II hero after offering his services and becoming one of the first therapy dogs.

A Shout Out To Yorkshire Terriers 2

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