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Best Luxury Dog Beds

A Luxury Dog Bed is the perfect way to treat you canine companion, in the same way that we humans like a good night’s sleep, dogs also appreciate their creature comforts.

If your dog likes to snuggle, prop their chins up, or have something against their back to keep them feeling safe, there is no better choice than the Cloud7 Sleepy Deluxe Dog Bed.
Beautifully made, super stylish, and with a superior snuggle rating, the Cloud7 Sleepy Deluxe Dog Bed is right there at the top of many a dog wish list.

If your dog likes his own space, or a little den to curl up in, then you couldn’t get much better than the Charley Chau Deeply Dishy Luxury Dog Bed. Available in Weave or Velour these dog beds are fit for any home, with a choice of contemporary or natural colours, your pet will thank you for treating them to this list topping dog bed.

If your dog is anything like ours, they love to lounge. They love to stretch out, roll over, then flop. Luxury Dog Beds come in all shapes and sizes and suit all sleeping positions known to man…or rather known to dog.
These dog beds often called dog mattresses are of the highest quality, and even coming in waterproof graphite material, for the outdoors, or for added protection.

Luxury Dog Sofas are the most stunning beds going, if your dog likes to be raised off the floor, and made to feel even more like one of the family, Lord Lou Luxury Dog Beds are a definite winner. Available in a weave design or upholstered, these dog beds are fit for royalty and look beautiful in any home.

No list of Luxury Dog Beds would be complete without a mention of the faux leather dog beds, rattan dog beds, and other designer dog beds. Whether you have just briought home your first dog, or if you’ve had them for a long time and are looking to treat them to a new bed, check out these luxury dog beds that will have your pets snoozing in style.

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