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Breeds Of The Week (10)

Breeds Of The Week (10) 1

The Weimaraner

Part of the Gun Dog Breed Group, the Weimaraner is a loving, devoted, and energetic beautiful beast.  Affectionately called Weims or ‘Grey Ghost’ , their beautiful mouse-grey soft coat and striking eyes give them an elegance you cant help but  fall in love with.  Bred in Weimar Court (an area now part of Germany) they were born to hunt and were exceedingly successful at this, and became known for their courage, intelligence and stamina.
For a wilful and charismatic dog, they prefer not to be left alone, they build strong bonds with their families and enjoy being close to them.  Although being smart makes training easier, these beautiful beasts will also require enough physical and mental stimulation to prevent them learning things you do not want them to!
Weimaraner puppies are all born with cute little tiger stripes which disappear over the first few days, it’s not just their fur that changes, their eyes start as a light blue but will eventually become amber or blue-grey.

Breeds Of The Week (10) 2

The Turkish Van

Home for this beautiful beast was originally the Lake Van area of Turkey, which could be why they have become known as the swimming cat, and have such a love for water!
The Van is one of the more athletic and playful cats, keen to play fetch or hide and seek (and they will find all the really high hiding places!) some would describe them as clumsy, but we love their ability to not always land gracefully on their feet.
You wouldn’t describe them as your typical lap cat, they may curl up next to you but most prefer not to be picked up and cuddled. They are friendly with dogs, more than likely as they tend to think they are one themselves,  if you do have a dog in your home though the Van will want to be the one in charge.
Their amber eyes can also be blue, or one of each colour, and their coat is so beautiful now goes by the colour descriptive name of van, mainly white with auburn markings.  Vocal and independent, the Turkish Van is a very beautiful beast.


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