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Breed of the Week

Breeds Of The Week (11)

Breeds Of The Week (11) 1

The Jack Russell Terrier

This beautiful beast is a companion dog who loves being given a job to do, especially if that job requires running around or digging! Energetic and happy the Jack Russell is a true working dog, with a desire to explore and the instinct to hunt. As a baying Terrier, his job was originally to flush out a fox with its barking, and this has led them to be pretty vocal when they want to be.
‘Explorer’ is a good way to describe the Jack Russell, as it was Bothy a Jack Russell belonging to the adventurer Ranulph Fiennes, who was the first dog to reach both North and South Poles.
Alert and incredibly agile the Jack Russell can jump 5 times its own height, and with its beautifully expressive face makes them a popular family member.

Breeds Of The Week (11) 2

The Abyssinian

Another energetic and active beautiful beast, the Abyssinian loves to jump and will happily play for hours on high perches and with toys.  Gentle and affectionate the Abyssinian adores people and other pets, talking to you in a soft purring voice. Social butterflies of the cat world the Abyssinian prefers company rather than being alone.
Lord Napier in the 1860s started this beautiful breed, bringing a cat back from Abyssinia to Great Britain following a military expedition.
An inquisitive breed with their expressive almond-shaped eyes, they will investigate every corner and likely play chase anything that moves. A sweet, intelligent, beautiful beast.


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