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Breeds Of The Week

dog breeds

Breeds Of The Week 1

The Dachshund

This beautiful beast is a whole load of personality in one (often barking, wonderfully loveable, exceptionally entertaining, sometimes stubborn) little package.
Loving nicknamed the Sausage Dog, the Dachshund (pronounced daks-hund) comes in 3 varieties, shorthaired, longhaired, and wirehaired, and 2 sizes miniature or standard. Although they do not need the same level of activity as certain breeds, they do enjoy a good run around and daily walks. Their instinct is still to chase small animals and dig, so be mindful of this if leaving them alone in the back garden!  Barking is common and they can be wary of strangers, preferring to form an attachment to one person, however, socialise them early on and they can make a wonderful family dog. The Daschund is definitely a dog who likes to be in charge, but who doesn’t smile at watching a proud-chested dachshund marching down the street?
Loveable, intelligent, bold, and tenacious, they may be ‘half a dog high’, but they are one very beautiful beast.


Breeds Of The Week 2

The Korat

The Korat (pronounced ko-raht) is seen as a good luck charm in it’s home country of Thailand, gifted in pairs particulary to brides as a sign of fertility.  An affectionate, lap-loving, intelligent cat the Korat isnt fond of being left alone, and will infact become your shadow following you around the house and helping you with your daily tasks.
They love toys and games and have bags of energy, and in the same way they are a little posessive over their people, they are also posessive over their toys too! One of the most striking features of this beautiful beasts are it’s eyes, which start as blue at birth, changing to amber, and then by 2-4 years will have turned a brilliant green.  To compliment their eyes, the Korat’s nose, lips and paw pads can often be a very pretty shade of lavender. Beautiful, gentle, loyal, and intelligent, we can see why the Korat is seen as such a lucky charm.


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