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Breeds Of The Week (13)

Breeds Of The Week (13) 1

The Dalmatian 

This beautiful beast is a utility dog who made a name for itself with the fire department. Dalmatians got the nickname ‘firehouse dogs’ over a century ago when their ability to trot alongside horse drawn carriages transitioned to the horse drawn carriages of the fire department. Often in pairs they would run alongside then help defend the truck and comfort the horses when they got to the blazing fires.  Nowadays they are just as loyal, eager to please, athletic, and playful. Devoted to their families they will pine when left alone, and with an abundance of energy Dalmatians need an equally active family to live. They socialise well if started early as puppies, and have kept a wonderful fondness towards horses.
Coming in black or liver colour spots these beautiful beasts are the snowflakes of the dog world, with no two looking the same, which make them the perfect Christmas time dog breed of the week.

Breeds Of The Week (13) 2

The Snowshoe

What better choice for breed of the week in the run up to Christmas, than the Snowshoe, smart, active, and lovable, this is one very sweet-tempered beautiful beast.  Getting the name from her rear white ‘boots’ and front white ‘mittens’ the Snowshoe is undeniably beautiful. Snowshoes love company, and although affectionate to the whole family (including other cats, and dogs) they may latch onto one favourite person, especially one who cannot resist her sparkling blue eyes. 
Many choose to keep the Snowshoe as an indoor cat, she will want to be the centre of your world, and is definitely a talker, her soft voice reminding you of her presence and checking you are there.  If you want a cat to adore you, the Snowshoe is the perfect choice. 

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