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Breeds Of The Week (14)

Breeds Of The Week (14) 1

The Basenji

This beautiful beast is originally from Congo, and known for being a bark-less dog. Don’t mistake bark-less for quiet though, as he can yodel, yes yodel, whimper, growl, and whine with the best of them. His wrinkled brow gives the Basenji a quizzical or mischievous look, and his proud stance and elegant posture makes him a favourite to show. Intelligent yet stubborn the Basenji may know exactly what you want him to do, but may not always do it! Their intelligence does make them excellent escape artists so make sure you have a well contained garden or your beloved companion will be out exploring the world before you know it. Brave, alert, and with a wonderful way of getting you to do what they want, this beautiful beast may not be for everyone, but for those who can stay one step ahead, the Basenji makes a fabulous addition to the family.

Breeds Of The Week (14) 2

The Domestic Cat (Moggy)

The moggy is a cat that does not belong to a recognised breed, they are non-pedigree but that just means they are made up of many different genes making them beautiful. Tabby looking cats are the most common domestic cat, and as short hair is the more dominant gene you will find more of them. Moggies tend to have less health problems than pedigree cats due to the variety of the gene pool, but their temperaments are a little less predictable, the characteristics of the parents will not necessarily pass onto the kitten as they commonly do with pedigrees. The domestic cat loves the outdoors, they are low maintenance and independent, as well as being playful and affectionate. What more could you want from a beautiful beast?

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