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Lockdown can be tough - so to help we are offering a 20% DISCOUNT on EVERYTHING! Use code LOCKDOWN20 on Checkout

Breeds Of The Week

cat breeds
Breeds Of The Week 1

The Border Terrier

Play hard, work hard, love hard. This beautiful beast is a bundle of entertainment, sturdy, loyal, energetic, fearless, affectionate, and escape artists! They love to dig and can find their way out of the most secure garden, so they best suit an active family who can give them the exercise they need. Border Terriers being bred to hunt and dig, still have that determined drive, highly intelligent they are easy to train. Originating in North England on the border with Scotland they were designed to be of a size where they could keep up with the hunt, and small enough to squeeze into hiding places to flush out the fox. With a loving personality they are sweet natured, devoted dogs, preferring company to being left alone, and as with a lot of dogs boredom can cause destruction.
If you haven’t heard of Earthdog Trials before, these are events where the dog follows a scent through a series of man-made tunnels replicating a fox burrow, and Border Terriers are taking the crown!

Breeds Of The Week 2

The Brown Oriental Shorthair/ Havana Brown

There are not many cats who have gone by so many names. thought to originate in South East Asia in the 1850s, this beautiful beast has been called The Swiss Mountain Cat (go figure…) then to the US was given the name Havana Brown and in the UK they became known as The Brown Oriental Shorthair. We call them beautiful beasts with their chocolate fur and green eyes, they are wonderfully loving, talkative, and happy to make their home on someone’s lap.
Their intelligence demands puzzle toys, they play well with children and other pets, even engaging in a game of fetch.
Their kittens are born with tabby markings, which gradually disappear, as their face shape lengthens and ears get larger. Their chocolatey mink coat is divine, and even their whiskers take on the same chocolate colourings. We love this beautiful beast, but then again we love cats and chocolate!

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