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Breeds Of The Week (18)

Breeds Of The Week (18) 1

The Alaskan Malamute

The first Artic sled dog was the Alaskan Malamute. Bred to protect their owners from polar bears, hunt seals, and pull sleds of heavy camping supplies, these beautiful beasts were used in many Byrd Artic expeditions and also World War One and Two.
Needless to say then, these dogs are sturdy beasts, loyal, active, but just a little stubborn, sorry, I mean independent.
If you are looking for a super-friendly companion, and have the time for giving enough exercise, the right training, and know how to stop a dog who loves to dig, not escape, this could be the beautiful beast for you! The Malamute is not recommended for a first-time dog owner, their ‘independence’ does make training a little tricky, but if done correctly their intelligence will shine through. Closely looking like a Wolf, this beautiful beast can be misunderstood, their size can be imposing, and they are strong and built but endurance but they are also affectionate, and regard everyone as their friends.

Breeds Of The Week (18) 2

The Norwegian Forest Cat

The Norwegian Forest Cat is native to….wait for it, yes Norway. The ‘Skogcatt’ (a Norwegian word translating as ‘Forest Cat’) may well have been around for centuries, kept warm by his weatherproof, thick, long, beautiful coat, and getting by on wit alone. Nowadays, the ‘Wegie’ is a loving family pet, not demanding of attention and happy to entertain himself. They are climbers and hunters, quiet in nature, and although their make-up makes them thrive in the outdoors (pond owners watch out) , they still appreciate human company and the affections of those around him. If you want a lap cat the Wegie may not be that, however if you give them love they will return it by way of a nudge or a cheeky head rub. We love this beautiful Scandinavian gentle beast.

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