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Breeds Of The Week (19)

Breeds Of The Week (19) 1

The Shiba Inu

Originating from Japan this beautiful beast is the smallest spitz breed to come out of its native country. Fox like and intelligent, this (sometimes stubborn) breed is best described as spirited, alert, and willful. Not recommended as a first-time dog owners dog, as their wilfulness can make them a challenge to train, and if not done correctly could lead to them becoming possessive and anti-social with other dogs.
Trained correctly they can be an amazing companion, with their quirky pluckiness an endearing feature.
With the Shiba Inu it’s a must to have a secure enclosed garden, and safest to exercise them lots and on the lead (due to their high prey-drive). One thing your home will always be with this beautiful beast is watched, they make an amazing watchdog, with ninja-like reflexes, alertness, and devotion to his owners. Brought up with experienced owners this is one affectionate, confident, and fiery beautiful beast.

Breeds Of The Week (19) 2

The Nebelung Cat

Best known for it’s thick shimmering blue coat, the Nebelung (pronounced NAY-bel-ung) is a long -haired version of the Russian Blue, affectionate, sweet-natured, and very playful.
If you have one of these beautiful beasts in your family they wont be far away from you, they love nothing more than following you around showing just how much you mean to them. Wary with strangers they can be timid at first and take a bit of time to adapt to changes in routine. The Nebelung is a sensitive and gentle cat who likes to be pampered, they have a soft purr which they may use to get your attention if they don’t feel they are getting enough. This beautiful beast has a huge heart and builds strong bonds, if you are after a playful companion you cannot go far wrong than with a Nebelung.

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