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Breeds Of The Week (2)

Breeds Of The Week (2) 1

The Norwegian Forest Cat

Affectionate, social, playful and sweet, the Norwegian Forest cat is certainly a lovable family pet. A distant cousin of the Maine Coon they come in a wide range of beautiful colours, with an almost fully waterproof coat.  Uniquely their hind legs are longer than their front ones, and have lynx-like tufty ears and a bushy tail, they grow to be elegant, larger sized cats.  Preferring companionship this beautiful beast enjoys a good cuddle, and will fit perfectly into a home with children, and other cat friendly pets.


Breeds Of The Week (2) 2

The Rhodesian Ridgeback

The lion hunter of Africa, the Rhodesian Ridgeback is a handsome, active, intelligent dog, exuberant as a puppy will mellow with age, and prefer a spot on a sofa than hunting a lion!  The Rhodesian Ridgeback or ‘Rhody’ has a magnificent coat, with a distinctive ridge of hair growing in the opposite direction from shoulders to hips. Strong, loyal, and good with children, these beautiful beasts make a wonderful family companion for experienced owners, as they can sometimes be a little independent aka stubborn! With deep soulful eyes, it’s hard not to love the Rhodesian Ridgeback.


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