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Breeds Of The Week (20)

bichon frise

The Bichon Frise

The Bichon Frise (pronounced BEE-shawn FREE-say) is related to several other small breeds, the Coton de Tulear, the Bolognese, the Havanese, and the Maltese. The pronunciation is French, with Bichon meaning ‘small dog’ and Frise meaning ‘curly’. Their name may be French but they are thought to have originated in Spain. In fact, Spanish sailors would take them with them on their travels.

Once out of puppyhood, Bichons are always white, except of course after a muddy walk, which they especially love! These beautiful beasts are gentle, wonderfully natured, playful, and affectionate. They love attention and may suffer from anxiety if left alone.
Like the poodle, they have low shedding fur and they may well be some relations to them. The Bichons make good therapy dogs due to their gentle temperaments and are easily trained. They are sensitive dogs so try not to be overly harsh when teaching.
The longest recorded living Bichon Frise reached the age of 19 years.
There’s no denying this small curly dog makes for one very beautiful beast.

Breeds Of The Week (20) 1

The Manx

This Beautiful Beast is an ancient car breed originating from the Isle Of Man. Best known for its lack of a tail, there are actually Manx cats with a full or half tail, but its only the rumpy (no tail) or rumpy riser (with only a slight rise of bone where a tail would start) that is eligible for championship classes in competition, the tailed Manx has to go under the all other varieties category.
A was a mutation to the islands native shorthair cats that was thought to be responsible for creating the tailless dominant gene, all Manx cats also carry a full tail gene, which is why in the same litter you can have kittens of all different tail lengths.
The Manx are very intelligent and playful cats, affectionate and devoted to their families, great with children and love to be part of any fun or games going on. They have powerful hindquarters allowing them to jump great heights and run speed and make quick turns. Not sure if you are a cat or a dog person? The Manx is a fabulous mix between the two, and a house with a Manx will never be boring! We love this Beautiful Beast be it a rumpy, rumpy riser, or any length of tail.

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