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Breeds Of The Week (22)

Breeds Of The Week (22) 1

The German Shepherd

Burning Question, What’s the difference between a German Shepherd and an Alsatian?
Answer. Nothing, well except the name!

It all goes back to World War One, with both sides using the services of the German Shepherd to attack and outmanoeuvre the opposing troops. This strong, intelligent, and driven working dog was a popular choice (and still is today with the military, police, search & rescue etc) but the British could not bring themselves to use the name, German Shepherd, so they called the beautiful beast the ‘Alsatian’ a tribute to the French/German border of Alsace-Lorraine, an area they were currently locked in battle with the Germans.
In 1977 breeders campaigned to finally get the German Shepherds name back, and today it is one of the most popular breeds. Whatever you like to call this easy-going, loyal, protective, high-shedding, lovable dog, whether it’s the German Shepherd, Alsatian, or GSD they are very beautiful beasts.

Breeds Of The Week (22) 2

The Devon Rex

A little wavy coat kitten called ‘Kirlee’ was born in Devon in 1959, its mother was a stray so little is known, but what is certain, is that Kirlee was a unique breed, and not related to the Cornish Rex.
The beautiful kitten grew into a beautiful beast, energetic, smart, playful, friendly, and with a passion for perching high up, often on the shoulders of its owner!
The Devon Rex can be mischievous but in the most endearing way, they love to jump, sneak under the blankets with you at bedtime, and communicate their interest in whatever you are doing in their soft tones.
Grooming wise, be extremely gentle as their fur is. Their fur barely sheds and when it does it’s very fine, which means it’s prone to breaking and sadly so are their whiskers, for a playful breed they are very fragile.
A face almost Elf-like and eyes to die for, we love the Devon Rex.

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