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airdale terrier

Breeds Of The Week (24)

Breeds Of The Week (24) 1

The Airedale Terrier

Biggest in stature of all the terriers, this beautiful beast originated in Airedale Yorkshire and was bred to clear the rivers of rats and otters. There is one very famous Airdale Terrier called Jack. Jack was as brave as he was determined and carried a message during World War I to the British Headquarters, on shattered bones he evaded the enemy and ultimately got his message through saving his battalion. Sadly Jack passed not long after completing his mission, but his bravery and character were not forgotten, and he was awarded the Victoria Cross for “Gallantry in the Field”.

Airedales are still known for their determination to complete a task no matter what it is, be that digging in the garden, competing in agility, obedience or working dog shows, or simply playing with the family. They have a massive amount of energy, affection, intelligence, and keenness to alert aka ‘bark a bit’.

We love this beautiful beast, and even though Airedale Terrier is actually it’s the third name since he came to be, formerly Waterside or Bingley Terrier, the Airedale is a definite favourite of ours.

Breeds Of The Week (24) 2

The Sphynx

This beautiful beast is often said to be one of the most affectionate of all cat breeds, they are sociable, intelligent, and desperate for cuddles. Warm to the touch their bodies have a peach-fuzz feel to them, and although you would not describe them as naked, it is advisable to keep them as an indoor cat.
Throw away the grooming brush and get yourself a damp cloth, between baths that’s all that’s required when it comes to looking after your Sphynx.

Me, me, me – the Sphynx finds it hard to understand why anyone would not want to spend all-day giving them lots of attention and playing with them, and they will often tell you so, these beautiful beasts would be joined at the hip with their owner if they could!

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