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Breeds Of the Week (26)

Breeds Of the Week (26) 1

The Tazy, Tazi, Central Asian Greyhound, or the Kazakh Greyhound or Kazakhstan Greyhound

A beautiful beast of many names, but one who is sadly on the edge of extinction. Originating in Kazakhstan, Tazy’s were bred for hunting and capable of taking down gazelle, wildcat, even antelope. They can run long distances at top speeds, effortlessly surpassing 25 mph.
Alert and confident, they are considered the best hunters, and Kazakhs have never treated the Tazy like any other dogs, trading 47 horses for just one good Tazy!
Numbers are diminishing though, and it is thought they will be extinct soon, however, the government is trying to help save these beautiful beasts. In Kazakh culture, the Tazy are so highly regarded, that it is forbidden to call them “a dog”, they are graceful, loyal hunters. Whatever you like to call them, we think they are very beautiful beasts.

Breeds Of the Week (26) 2

The Chartreux

The Chartreux breed dates back to the 18th century in France. Gentle, affectionate and quiet, this beautiful beast is a lap magnet, and the perfect sofa companion. If it’s not sitting on your lap it’s following you around, the Chartreux loves to be loved, and gets along well with other pets and children.
They may be sweet and gentle but they have a playful side, they are great climbers, puzzle solvers, and excellent mousers!
With eyes that range from copper to gold, and fur a luxurious blue, this beautiful beast is certainly a looker, they are easy to groom, and although mostly quiet, they do make a funny chirping sound when they want your attention.
We are in love with the Chartreux, it’s pumpkin eyes are hypnotising.

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