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Breeds Of The Week

dog of the week
Breeds Of The Week 1

The Mudi

This beautiful beast’ name may be pronounced ‘Moody’ but he is anything but!
Alert, intelligent, and extremely active, the Mudi (also known as the Hungarian Mudi) is an exceptional working dog. whether it’s herding, Search & Rescue, or as a watchdog, the Mudi takes every task in its stride.
Make sure they get enough opportunity to burn off their high energy levels, and you will have a lovable, friendly, and obedient addition to the family. Their coats come in a range of colours, however this marbled mix of black and grey is especially striking. We love the Mudi, although it will be very difficult to find one, as they are rarely seen outside of their Hungarian home.

Breeds Of The Week 2

The Toyger

This beautiful beast is a new breed, developed in 1980 by the daughter of the Bengal Cat founder. Judy first matched her large Bengal cat with her domestic shorthair (a mackerel tabby) to try and create a new breed with markings closer to the Tiger. She ended up with the Toyger, an affectionate, easy to train, and sociable companion, which soon became accepted by International Breed Clubs.
A laid-back cat the Toyger has become hugely popular, they develop strong bonds with their family, and enjoy the routine of family life.
Sharing a home with a Toyger means investing in interactive toys, scratching accessories, and building platforms where cats can climb up. They will happily hold a conversation with an owner, but not as demanding and talkative as some breeds can be.
This beautiful beast may look as though they come from the jungle or savannah, they feel right at home on your lap curled up with their family around them.

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