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Breed of the Week

Breeds Of The Week (3)

  Breeds Of The Week (3) 1
The West Highland White Terrier (Westie)

The West Highland White Terrier is a companion-loving, spirited and lively dog. Originating from Poltalloch, Scotland, it is thought they were bred to be white, after Colonel Malcolm shot his beloved small brown terrier, accidentally mistaking it for prey. Westie’s are an intelligent & hardy beautiful beast, with an inquisitive nature, and personality that is larger than life.  They are a loyal family dog, eager to please, and just as eager to play!


Breeds Of The Week (3) 2

The Persian (Traditional)

The Persian cat comes in two types, show and traditional, with the show having a shorter face and snub nose. Both types however have the same sweet personality, making them a very popular beautiful beast.  With a chilled out & gentle temperament, they much prefer curling up on a lap or sofa, than other more athletic adventures.  Persian’s are lovable and enjoy attention…who knew Dr Evil would have favoured such a friendly & affectionate cat!

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