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Lockdown can be tough - so to help we are offering a 20% DISCOUNT on EVERYTHING! Use code LOCKDOWN20 on Checkout

Breeds Of The Week

Breed of the Week

Breeds Of The Week 1

The Maltese

Loving and loyal this expressive beautiful beast has been around for over 2000 years, and was a particular hit among royalty. Queen Elizabeth I and Mary Queen of Scots both cherished their little Maltese pups.
Sensitive and spirited the Maltese is devoted to its family, which makes training fun and relatively easy. They may be small but love a good zip around the park, however, they don’t cope in extreme temperatures well so need a little extra care.
Maltese can be picky eaters due to a delicate digestive system, so little and often can work well.  Their gentle and sweet nature makes them popular family dogs, although breeders may want to know if you have very young children in the home, as these toy puppies are very fragile.
Preferring the company of their family to being alone, these beautiful beasts enjoy playing in the day and cuddling up with you on the sofa in the evening. Bright and cheerful and with a well-mannered temperament, it’s no surprise the Maltese have such a strong place in our hearts.


Bengal Cat

The Bengal

With their spotted coat Bengals may look more at home in the wild, but are actually affectionate and friendly domestic cats.  As a result of a cross with the wild Asian cat, these highly active and gentle beautiful beasts have won a place in our homes. Climbers and water enthusiasts, these cats are amazing at learning tricks, they are able to open doors, turn on lights, and get into bins, so avoiding a bored Bengal is a must by giving them tall cat trees or puzzles.
A large athletic cat, they are social and confident, great with children and cat-friendly dogs (although don’t trust with the family’s smaller pets, fish, hamsters, guinea pigs…)
Bengals love to talk, and perceptive to their owner’s moods, and with their intelligence, may even try and cheer you up if needed. Bengals will adore you, and will enjoy supervising whatever you are doing!  Bengals truly are smart beautiful beasts.

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