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Breeds Of The Week 1

The Papillon

Pronounced ‘Papiyon’ this beautiful beast descended from the toy/dwarf spaniel, and was called Papillon (French for butterfly) due to its beautiful ears resembling butterflies.
Happy, and alert this lively little dog loves company and loves to play!  Super intelligent and eager to please, makes this dainty breed highly trainable, however, if you’re looking for a cuddly lap dog the Papillon would probably rather be finding something to do, then spending time curled up.
The Papillon makes a wonderful family addition, getting on well with cats (if socialised early) and with other dogs, but don’t be surprised if this beautiful beast wants to be in charge, even if it is the smallest and most fragile of your pack!


Breeds Of The Week 2

The Burmilla

What do you get when you cross a Chinchilla Persian cat with a Burmese cat? The answer is the Burmilla. An unintended accident created this beautiful beast,  a cat with the physique of the Burmese and the stunning silver tipped looks of the Chinchilla.  The Burmilla has eyes that captivate, made all the more striking by the black outline.  People orientated, affectionate, and playful this beautiful beast is certainly a gentle family cat.  Their sweet nature stays with them into adulthood and will remain spirited and playful, as well as enjoying a good lap to cuddle up on.
Often kept as an indoor cat, the Burmilla is a good jumper and climber so cat trees and perches are a must. They may have started as an accident, but the Burmilla is one adorable and beautiful beast.


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