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Breeds Of The Week (7)

Breeds Of The Week (7) 1

The Schnauzer

These beautiful beasts come in 3 ‘just-right’ sizes, miniature, standard, and giant.  The giant was bred as a guard dog originally and continues to be slightly more protective and a little less energetic than the smaller breeds, but all are loving, alert, and highly trainable companions.  The name Schnauzer comes from the German word schnauze meaning snout, which is fitting as they all have such glorious facial features.
Schnauzers will be the first to wish you good morning with their individual vocals and doggy noises. Annoying? Not at all, we think it’s cute.
Walt Disney favoured the Schnauzer for his movie ‘Lady and the Tramp’, although due to the connotations surrounding the word ‘tramp’ he almost called the dashing  Schnauzer ‘Bozo’ (‘Lady and the Bozo’ wouldn’t quite have the same ring to it!)
Schnauzers are intelligent dogs and need to be kept busy, with exercise (they excel in agility classes) and mental stimulation as they get bored easily if left alone. They can be timid around strangers, but form strong bonds as a family pet, these beautiful beasts will make the perfect addition to any active home.


Breeds Of The Week (7) 2

The Ragdoll

Gentle, easy-going, and loving a good cuddle, the Ragdoll is a beautifully tempered beast. The name ragdoll may well come from their ability to become extremely relaxed when held, where they  ‘become as limp as a ragdoll’ and have also been called Cherubims or Ragamuffins.
With Burmese and Birman breeds in their bloodline, the Ragdoll is a muscular cat, with big round paws, and bushy tails.
Ragdolls love people and attention and will rush to welcome you at the door, even playing fetch. Playful but not one for jumping, Ragdolls are great with children even the very young, they can withstand a prod and a poke and have wonderful manners.  Sweet, charming, and with one of the softest voices, these beautiful beasts will suit any family home.

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