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Breeds Of The Week (8)

Breeds Of The Week (8) 1

The Pomeranian

Classed as a Toy size dog, the Pomeranian (Pom for short) is intelligent, curious and lively.  One of the more independent of the toy-size breeds, the Pom has a loving nature but may want to be in charge if allowed.  Originating from the ancient Spitz breeds, the Pom was a much larger size, to begin with, and would spend its time herding sheep. Queen Elizabeth is said to have owned Pomeranians and it was her who decided to show them and develop them into a smaller size companion. Their love for agility, however, was not reduced, and they remain as active as ever, requiring daily walks and exercise.
This beautiful beast makes a wonderful family pet, although supervision around small children may be required, as they have been known to become a little possessive of their toys.  Favourite toys aside Poms are affectionate and loyal and make a superb little watchdog for the home.


Breeds Of The Week (8) 2

The Bombay

The Bombay is jet black from nose to tail, medium in size, with beautiful striking golden eyes. They love attention, from children to cat-friendly dogs the Bombay makes friends wherever they go. Often a little mischievous, this beautiful beast is said to have the combined qualities of a cat, a dog, and a monkey!
Adapting well to busy lifestyles, the Bombay fits in well with any family, easy-going, and loving finding the warmest of places to snuggle down in.
There are 2 breeds of Bombay, the British Bombay and American Bombay both a mix of Burmese and a Shorthair domestic cat.  Talkative and not against playing a good game of fetch, the Bombay is generally regarding as a house or apartment cat, just check under your duvet before going to bed, as these beautiful beasts enjoy burying themselves in the warmth of your bed.

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