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Lockdown can be tough - so to help we are offering a 20% DISCOUNT on EVERYTHING! Use code LOCKDOWN20 on Checkout

Breeds Of The Week


Breeds Of The Week 1

The Cockapoo

A hybrid dog breed, the Cockapoo is a mix between the Cocker Spaniel and the Poodle. Increasingly popular this beautiful beast packs a lot of love and personality into a small-medium package. Like the Poodle they shed very little so a great choice for anyone with allergies, or for those who seem to just attract dog hair on whatever they are wearing!
Energetic, curious, (and a little bouncy) Cockapoos are easily trainable, just make sure you have a few treats around first to get them into the swing of things. Affectionate and funny, it’s impossible not to smile  even when they do steal your favourite socks and hide them under the sofa cushion.
Great with children, a real family dog, however they do need frequent brushing to stop their curly locks from getting matted, from all the fun walks they really do need to have.   You may find their coat seems to fade over time, this is interestingly due to the fading gene passed on by some Poodles.
A ball fluff with a loving nature and desire to please and have fun. The Cockapoo is certainly a beautiful beasts.


Breeds Of The Week 2


The Tonkinese

The Tonkinese is another Hybrid breed, a mix of the Siamese and the Burmese cat. Nicknamed ‘the Tonk’ they were bred originally to be quieter than the Siamese but to keep the gentle nature.
The Tonk is certainly quieter than the Siamese but still wonderfully talkative, some may even say demanding, seeing as they will follow you round till you pay them enough attention!  They are more than happy sitting on your lap, but also acrobats of the cat world, climbing, jumping, and retrieving. Teach them tricks and they will love you for it, being an active cat they love the mental stimulation as well as physical.
The Tonk is incredibly social and will get on well with other cats and cat friendly dogs, they love the fuss they get from children so this beautiful beast makes an ideal addition to any family.


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