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Breeds of the Week

Breeds Of The Week

Breeds Of The Week 1

The English Cocker Spaniel (Show)

The English Cocker Spaniel is divided into 2 types, Show & Work, and were given their name by being bred to flush out Woodcock.

With their loving and playful nature, and intelligence and desire to please,  the Cocker Spaniel is a very affectionate and popular family dog.
They are extremely loyal and social, and like having constant company. Great at following a scent, and with a strong instinct to retrieve, the Cocker Spaniel is happy, alert and makes a wonderful beautiful beast.


Breeds Of The Week 2

The Birman

Still known in some countries as the ‘Sacred Cat Of Burma’, these gentle cats are popular for their sweet temperament and calm personalities.  Their meow sound is soft, and prefer to be close to humans or other animals, so tend to follow them round when they are near.
Birmans are born pure white then grow into their colours, however will keep their white paws, match those with their piercing blue eyes and you get a very beautiful beast.


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