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Choosing The Best Dog Treats

The look of delight on your pooch’s face as he perks up at the word “treat” or as his tail wags incessantly is a sight to behold! While it can be wonderful for you, it also has a lot of advantages for your pet.

You want to choose the right dog treats and make sure they are used appropriately. Prior to choosing dog treats, check the ingredient label to make sure they are healthy and steer clear of those that may contain unwanted ingredients that may cause your pet to react negatively or develop an allergy. 

We only stock dog treats which we give our own dogs, those made from high-quality ingredients, that can be used as tasty training treats or dog treats that will keep your dog happy and entertained for a bit longer, whilst also providing dental hygiene benefits.

It’s good to test out a variety of different tastes and textures in dog treats, you will soon find out which are the higher value dog treats!
The easiest way to reward your dog is to give them treats when they perform a certain behaviour.  You can start by using the dog treat as a lure to help them understand what you are wanting them to do, you then move on to only giving them the treat once they have done what you are asking of them, so it is not a bribe but a reward or reinforcer for good behaviour.

A lovely way to think of it is:

At the beginning of training a new command: The treat makes the behaviour happen

Quickly changes to: The behaviour makes the treat happen

Our range of dog treats will be expanding all the time as we discover what works well for us and our own dogs, we believe in working with suppliers in the UK, using local products, sustainability, natural ingredients, and of course delicious dog treats.

Try some out our luxury dog treats on your dog today and see how quickly your dog’s ears perk up, or tail wags when they hear you going for the treat bag!

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