Do Our Pets Influence Our Choice Of Home?

As a nation of pet lovers, it’s no surprise our beautiful beasts are seen as part of the family, and a recent survey by Strutt & Parker has agreed with this. Their results showed that 94% of pet owners believe their pet’s requirements are important when it comes to choosing a new property, while 52% consider their pet’s requirements to be even more important than those of their children.

It’s now not only school catchment areas, and commuting channels that steer our choices, we are now factoring in the safety & wellbeing of our pets:

  • Is the garden large enough and enclosed?
  • What’s the immediate surrounding area like, is it away from a busy main road?
  • What’s the travelling distance to the local vet?
  • Are there nearby good dog walking places?
  • Do the neighbours have their own beautiful beast, and is it suitable to be in the garden next to yours?

And it’s not just location, location, location when it comes to our pets, the Do Our Pets Influence Our Choice Of Home? 1survey also found that over half of new homeowners felt the reason they needed a larger home was to accommodate their beautiful beasts.  44% responded that the layout was an important consideration, and planned to allocate the extra living space as a play area for their pets.
It’s not too hard to imagine those families with a new puppy choosing a house with good wood flooring, rather than one with new carpet throughout.

With rental properties starting to relax on their pet restrictions, and holiday rentals the same, it’s clear our beautiful beasts have a firm place in our hearts and our homes.

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