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puppy massage

Dog & Puppy Massage

How nice is it to get a massage?

Feeling the tightness in your muscles release and leaving you relaxed (…and a little bit sleepy) Our beautiful beasts get the same benefits from massage as we do, so why not treat them to not just a belly rub, but a dog massage!

Not only does massage feel nice, but it can also help relax you from a stressful day, improve your state of mind and wellbeing, improve circulation, speed up recovery from injury, and help sort out any ‘knots’ or muscle soreness from a heavy workout or bad posture. Sounds like it’s something we all should be getting regularly!
Dog & Puppy Massage 1
There is also added benefit to the massage-er as well as the massage-ee, stroking your dog increases the feel-good hormone, so we get to feel better afterwards too, plus what a great way to increase your bond.

Point to note: if you’ve had a sports massage before, or any firm massage – this is not that!  Think gentle and relaxing, not ‘no pain no gain’.

How to massage your dog:

  1. A good time to massage is following a long walk, they are more likely to be in a calm state. While one of the goals is relaxation for your dog, starting when they are anxious may reinforce that emotion instead.
  2. Start your massage by stroking your dog gently all over. Talk softly to keep them calm and relaxed.
  3. Begin massaging your dog’s neck by making circular motions. Keep your pressure gentle so they can enjoy the sensations.
  4. Move up to the head, and face, a lot of tension is held here, and who doesn’t love a good head massage!Dog & Puppy Massage 2
  5. Continue massaging down toward your dog’s shoulders. Since dogs can’t reach this area of their body,  (unless they are really flexible in which case they will definitely be loving a massage) take a little extra time so they really love you for doing this!
  6. Move to the chest and front legs. If your dog doesn’t like it when you massage their legs, just move on to a different body part. You can see if they would like their paws massaged too. If they are happy for you to rub their pads it’s a good time to have a quick check for any prickles or plants burrs they may have picked up.
  7. Massage your dog’s back again using circular motions, going up and down on both sides of the spine. Don’t press down on the spine, you can roll them over and give them a nice belly rub too.
  8. Keep gently massaging your pup until you get to his back legs and tail area. Keep talking to them, in a soothing tone, a nice idea is to use a special blanket for this, or some relaxing music or smell candles, (this may be more for you than for your pup but some do like it) it means they can learn to associate calm and relaxing to that blanket/music/smell.
    Once you finish, they should be totally calm and stress-free.

Of course, we cannot promise miracles, calmness may not last long for your beloved companion, but they will have enjoyed the special attention and time you gave them, and you will both feel a sense of relaxation and harmony from it.

Dog & Puppy Massage 3


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