Dogs And The Cold – How Cold Is Too Cold?

dog in the snow

Is it really November already?
With the mornings becoming colder it raises the question, how cold is too cold for our beautiful beasts?

Walks are an important part of the day for you and your dogs, not only do they get to run off excess energy, play and be social, forage and sniff out exciting smells, it’s also a wonderful time of bonding between you and your beloved companion.  But when Winter draws in, and the temperature drops, what extra care should we be paying our dogs to keep them warm and happy.

Dogs And The Cold - How Cold Is Too Cold? 1Just like us humans some dogs will feel the cold more than others.  The fur coats they wear all vary in colour and density, (Huskies, for example, have thick undercoats and cope very well in the cold, whereas Greyhounds have very thin fur and struggle to keep themselves warm), then there is also their age, size, health and weight to take into consideration, along with what you actually plan to be doing outside and how active is your dog, do you also need to content with dampness in the air or windchill, have they yet built up any  tolerance to the cold?

Dogs And The Cold - How Cold Is Too Cold? 2As a rough guide cold temperatures should not be a problem to your dog until they fall below 7 °C, then some may start to feel a little uncomfortable. At 0°C owners with smaller breed dogs, have dogs which are old/young or unwell should pay very close attention to their wellbeing.  Signs to look out for are shivering, slowing down, acting anxious, or looking for warmer locations, it’s time to get them inside.

Body weight and the type and density of their fur will give extra insulation to your four-legged friend, however unlike bears dogs do not need to fatten up for winter, the health risks of being overweight far outweigh the need to wrap up warmer over the colder months.


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