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Fascinating Facts About Cats

We love them, but do we know everything about them?

Read on for Fletcher Of London’s fascinating facts about cats, and enjoy being intrigued, surprised, and amazed at how wonderful our beautiful beasts are.

  • Cats share 95.6% of their DNA with Tigers.
  • Cats cannot taste sweetness.Fascinating Facts About Cats 1
  • Cats have an additional sensory organ in the roof of their mouths, which enables them to taste scents in the air.
  • Cats like grooming, they like it a lot, in fact, cats can spend a third of their waking hours absorbed in this pastime.
  • Kittens growth hormones are only released when they are asleep. Fascinating Facts About Cats 2
  • Cats have better hearing than dogs.
  • Cats noses have ridges and patterns which are as individual to them as snowflakes. No nose is ever the same.
  • Cats have whiskers not only on their face (of which there are 12 on each side) but also on the backs of their front legs.
  • Cats have an important job at Disneyland, 200 of them have decided the park is their home, and they are to roam the park at night keeping the rats and mice at bay. Don’t worry Mickey and Minnie Mouse are perfectly safe.
  • Cats are often lactose intolerant.
  • Cats are able to tell another animal to ‘talk to the hand paw’, a yawn at the end of a confrontation signifies they have had enough, move on.
  • Cats can run up to speeds of 31 mph, Usain Bolt hits 27.8mph.
  • Cats can make 100 separate sounds, using the most endearing ones when they want something.
  • Cats could survive seawater, as their kidneys are able to filter out the salt.
  • Cats headbutting (aka head bunting) each other or you, is a sure sign of affection. Fascinating Facts About Cats 3
  • Cats which are white with blue eyes are more likely to have hearing problems.
  • Cats like routine. If you are wondering why your cat is suddenly off their food or not using the litter tray, it could be an external change to their daily habits.
  • Cats walk by moving both of their right feet, then both of their left feet, which is incredibly rare in the animal kingdom.
  • Cats ears are controlled by 20 different muscles.
  • Cats slowly blink or wink at you as a show of trust.

Cats are extraordinary beautiful beasts, a joy and a comfort to have around. Although you do have to sometimes allow for the cat factor, described by Lynn Osband as:

The mathematical probability of a common cat doing exactly as it pleases is the one scientific absolute in the world.



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