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Friends Of Fletcher

Because Friends make the world go round

“Our customers mean the world to us; almost as much as hearing how happy their pets are, having been treated to something special from our store”

Nothing brightens our day more than hearing from our customers, we value all feedback and work our hardest to ensure all our customers are delighted ones! 

Now imagine opening an email to see a cat or dog wearing a collar you recently sent them, or sleeping on a bed you still remember wrapping up and proudly handing to the courier. 

Those moments are precious, and so we thought we would:

  1. Share them and spread the love
  2. Create a page dedicated entirely to our Friends Of Fletcher
  3. Run a quarterly draw as a thank you for taking the time to send in your photos, where one of our friends will win a gift from our store.

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Our Latest Friends

Friends Of Fletcher 1





5 Years

Ruben is a 5-year-old whippet; an elegant, gentle, and loving soul.

Whippets are descendants of their larger counterparts, Greyhounds, and although they may be smaller, they are powerful sprinters and thought to be the world’s fastest accelerating dog.  Ruben is taking some well-earned R&R wearing his Dogs & Horses Hound collar – a collar purposely created for sighthound dogs.
It’s not surprising Whippets have a strong prey drive, and can take a good deal of training on recall to get them back should they see something small and furry to chase!
Family-friendly, sweet-natured, and undemanding, Whippets are just happy to be loved (aren’t we all) due to their short coat, and delicate skin, they do require snuggling up in winter, and a jumper or jacket when going outside.

Ruben is a welcome addition to our friends at Fletcher, though with those beautiful eyes looking at you I am not sure how his family ever get anything done!

Friends Of Fletcher charlie




Parsons Terrier

3 Years

Parson Terriers are the long-legged cousins of Jack Russells, and bred originally as hunting dogs, which Charlie has certainly not forgotten! Following his illustrious heritage, Charlie has a  fondness for deer, deer, however, may not feel the same level of fondness back!  Parsons are a tenacious, playful, loyal, and energetic breed, they are born adventurers and if Dog scouts was a thing, they would have all the badges, but not the curly coat badge, apparently, any curls on their coat exclude them from the Parson breed!  So best leave your crusts alone! Charlie’s look for Christmas is the padded Dogs & Horses Collar in Brown and Cream, and he looks Christmas card perfect. What a special little dog to add to our friend’s list. Merry Christmas Charlie!

leather dog collar on beautiful dog
Friends Of Fletcher francesca





11 Months

They may hold the record for being the worlds smallest dog, but their personalities and the love that they bring is endless. Frankie will be celebrating her first birthday this month, and this stunning little lady is sure to have a day to remember. Chihuahuas enjoy nothing more than being around their family, their character and size make them the perfect go-anywhere companion, which means the Cloud7 dog carrier was a perfect choice for Francesca.
Adorable, fun-loving and intelligent it’s no wonder Chihuahuas make for a wonderful family addition.

cute dog in cloud7 dog carrier

Our Recent Winners

Friends Of Fletcher rico

Won a Tweedmill Coat

Cute Cat

Won a Cloud7 Blanket

Friends Of Fletcher charlie

Won a Dog Toy, Treats, and a Hunter Dummy

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