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Heroic Cats

You may have read our previous article on Heroic Dogs so now it’s our beloved felines turn.

  • This video posted on YouTube won this brave little kitty called Tara, an SPCA award normally presented to heroic dogs. The video will leave you speechless, it’s incredible to think how quickly Tara lept into action, hurling herself at the stray dog and saving her best friend from injury. Well done Tara!
  • A cats affection can also save the day – Koshka is a grey little tabby rescued by Staff Sergeant Jesse Knott in Afghanistan. Whilst out in Afghanistan a suicide bomber took out 2 of the Staff Sergeant’s friends and his marriage back home had dissolved. Feeling like his world had come to an end Jesse fell into a dark depression and planned on ending his life. This terribly sad story, has a happy ending, as Jesse faithful little feline friend sensed something was up and would not leave his alone, constantly ramming his head into him, and swiping its paws at Jesse’s forehead. Koshka’s persistence worked, and was eventually brought back home to Jesse relieved and loving parents.
  • This is Terfel whose cataracts has left him completely blind and struggling to adjust. No problem, along comes Pwditat a stray who decided here was to be its home. Pwditat has become a guide ‘cat’ for Terfel. The two are inseparable, and both are happy to have each other.
  • Scarlett was a cat in Brooklyn with a litter of kittens, they lived in a derelict house, so when a fire broke out it was down to Scarlett to save her family. Burned and blistered she carried each one out, then heartbreakingly tapped each kitten with her nose to check each one was safe, before collapsing. Mother and kittens were all rescued and a book ‘Scarlett Saves Her Family: The Heart-Warming True Story of a Homeless Mother Cat Who Rescued Her Kittens from a Raging Fire’ was written in her honour.
  • Jessi-Cat was the perfect friend for Lorcan Dillon. Lorcan suffers from selective mutism and autism, so was unable to express emotion or enjoy a hug with his family. However, this all changed with the arrival of a fluffy bundle of joy called Jessi-cat. Lorcan and Jessi-cats story has also been published – Jessi-cat: The cat that unlocked a boy’s heart.

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