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hero dogs

Heroic Dogs

We already know how devoted our beloved companions can be, actively sniffing out potential trouble and ever alert to oncoming threats. They are protective and loyal and full of adoration. all this for the bargain price of love, care, food, and belly rubs.All dogs are heroes, from how they get us out daily walking together in the outdoors, to showing us how to open our hearts, to be silly,  and to just enjoy life.These heroic dogs deserve to be read about, their selfless acts of inspiration should be shared and celebrated. Make yourself a cup of tea, curl up on the sofa with your own beloved hero and enjoy these beautiful stories.

Frida: A Labrador and member of the Mexico Canine Disaster Unit. Wearing goggles, booties, and a harness Frida sniffs out people trapped and has helped find 52 people in various natural disasters around the world so far. Last September a deadly 7.1 magnitude earthquake hit the centre of Mexico and Frida was instrumental in locating and saving 12 children trapped in a school.
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Mexico City, CDMX, Mexico 9/16/18 Mexico Military Civic Parade 2018 Navy rescue team with rescue dogs including Frida used by the Mexican navy (SEMAR) for rescue missions in case of natural disaster

Trakr: A German Shepherd, was part of the Canadian police unit, helped dig through 30 feet of unstable debris at the World Trade Centre’s ‘ground zero’ to locate the last human survivor of the attack after 9/11 in New York City in 2001. Sadly Trakr died at the age of 14, but before leaving us his DNA was chosen for cloning because of his heroics and Named as one of history’s most heroic animals by Time Magazine.
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Roselle: A Labrador and guide dog, Roselle also played a life-saving role on September 11 Attack.  When the planes struck Roselle led her owner Michael Hingson through the smoke and chaos from the 78th floor in Tower One down the stairwell—1,463 steps—to safety before it collapsed.

Duke: A Vizla is not trained to sniff out bombs, Duke protects his owner from something equally deadly…peanuts. Duke’s training has meant he can detect peanut in any form, even tiny traces such as oil or butter. He alerts his owner to the presence of peanuts by sitting down in front of her, creating a barrier and not moving away.

Kanaka: A German Shepherd and a member of the Ontario Provincial Police K9 unit, tracked a lost hunter for 20 hours across freezing swamps and an ice-covered lake before successfully finding the man.
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Grizzly: A Siberian Husky saved his owner from a vicious attack by a bear. During a walk in the woods, they came across a bear, when things began to get dangerous Grizzly’s owner climbed the nearest tree in an attempt to reach safety.  For the next 7 hours, Grizzly went up against the bear, preventing it from pulling down its owner, and keeping him away from the giant claws of the bear.

Belle: A Beagle literally bit 911 into her diabetic owner’s mobile phone, after he had suffered a seizure and collapsed.  Belle was trained to raise the alarm by biting 9 into a phone, which had been programmed to interpret 9 as an emergency call. She was also trained to periodically lick her owner’s nose to take a reading of his blood-sugar levels. If something is off, she will paw and whine at her owner.The dog is the first animal to receive the Vita Wireless Samaritan Award.
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Jack: A Border Terrier and named Crufts Top Hero Dog 2018 had been in 4 rescue homes before his now owner Vanessa brought him back with her to his forever home.  Together Jack and Vanessa are working to bring down the stigma of mental health issues, Jack has given Vanessa (who lives with her own complex mental health issues) the confidence to go on radio and write editorials promoting awareness and raising money for charities.
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Eve: A Rottweiler and beloved companion of Kathie Vaughn, saved the life of her owner by dragging her to safety from their burning van. Kathie who has paraplegia was unable to assemble her wheelchair quick enough and needed help to get out of the van before it exploded.  Eve, grabbed her by the leg and pulled her 15 meters to safety, Kathie was unharmed, and Eve was awarded the prestigious Stillman Award for Bravery.

Paris: the Boxer who likes to recycle rubbish.  This may not be as dramatic as the others but this conscientious Boxer cares for the environment so much so on their daily walks, Paris will stop her owner so she can collect plastic bottles and cans and put them in the nearest recycle bin.
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We’d love to hear how your beloved companion has helped you, get in touch and share with us your story.

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