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Homeschooling Our Beautiful Beasts

We couldn’t post something without first saying a huge thank you to each and every key worker working their hardest to get us through this pandemic.

For those of us staying at home, our beautiful beasts will be loving the extra time with us, and if you are busy homeschooling the children, you could extend the classroom lessons to include your dog too! The kids will love being teacher!

Here are 5 easy tricks to teach your dog: Once they have mastered them with a treat or clicker they will soon/eventually/maybe never do on command!

  1. WEAVE
    • Place 5 plastic cups in a line on the floor roughly 1m apart. get your dogs to site at the start of the line, and just like agility dogs you are going to use a treat in front of your dog’s nose to guide him through the weave. Use the command weave and give him a treat after each cup, reducing the amount until he can go all the way through the weave.
  2. FIND IT
    • Let your dog smell something they are used to and hide it under a towel, use the command find it (or find it and the name ball, toy etc) and when they shuffle under the towel and find it, give them treat. Progress to harder hiding places.
  3. SPIN
    • Get your dog to sit, then with a treat in front of their nose, do a circular motion with the treat and your dog will follow it. Use the command spin and give them the treat when they are back facing front.
    • If you have a basket of toys for your dog (chances are they can get them out but putting them back..?) throw one of their toys from the basket, when they fetch the toy hold a treat over the basket and get them to drop the toy, give them the treat and use the command toys away.
    • Get your dog to sit then hold a treat in front of him but slightly out of reach. Using the command high five tap one of his front paws. They will raise their paw to try and get the treat out of your hand, as he raises his paw catch it with your free hand and give him the treat.

Rinse and repeat, and soon they will be top of the class!

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