Mindful Monday – A Secret Virtue

dog with flowers

This week do something nice for someone but do it in secret, anonymously. It’s not for praise or for acknowledgement, it’s something simple that requires little effort, but will bring joy to someone else’s day.

the fine print…although this is primarily to brighten up someone else’s day, you may find your own day gets a little better. It’s a win win when it comes to kindness.

Some ideas for your something nice:

  • Wash the dishes in the sink that someone else has left.
  • Bring in some baked goods and leave in the office kitchen with a note to help yourself.
  • When you next go out for a walk with your dogs take a carrier bag with you to collect any rubbish you find lying around.
  • Send a card or some flowers to an elderly neighbour to cheer them up.
  • Donate blood
  • Donate on a friends JustGiving site anonymously
Mindful Monday - A Secret Virtue 1

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