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Mindful Monday – Create Your Own Routine

Puppy showing paw

If you have dogs in your life you may have noticed they love routine. It doesn’t take them long to learn not only who feeds them the most treats, but also where the best ones are kept, and where they must sit to get your attention!
Our little dog Max refuses to chase after the first ball thrown; that’s Bellas, he will only run after the second ball thrown and then will wait until Bella charges off again before he drops his ball and crouches down waiting for his turn to run.
Mornings they have their own routine, and although they are very good at adapting, there is a definite quizzical look when you change their well-rehearsed routine.

Routine has got itself a bit of bad name. Getting stuck in the same routine could be said in a negative way, BUT there is a very good argument to say having a routine is the route to a happier and more productive day.

If, like with beautiful beasts I scheduled a time to get my own important things done, I wouldn’t have the same tasks on my mental to-do list day after day.
If, like my dogs and their treats, I always knew where my keys were, I wouldn’t spend the last 10 minutes before leaving the house frantically running around, kicking myself for losing them yet again and creating a mess for me clear up later.
If, like as with my dogs I took time to rest in-between periods of high energy and productivity, I would be a little less stressful and would have a clearer head to get on with the next task.

Our beautiful beasts are our own little wet-nosed, wagging-tailed, Zen Masters who unconditionally love us to bits.

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