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Mindful Monday – Halloween Edition

pumpkin halloween cat

“What do you get if you divide the circumference of a jack-o’-lantern by its diameter? Pumpkin π.”

John Evans

Whether you love Halloween or dread it, it’s almost upon us again and with Halloween comes fireworks night (which is not really ‘ a night’ fireworks have already started and will go on for a good week or more).

Our beautiful beasts need a little extra care & attention over these next few weeks, as it’s easy to forget just how scary noise can be. Walking the dog this morning I met a lady who said every year one of her dogs (a 10-year-old Jack Russell called Keely) would be terrified and bark non stop when she heard the fireworks, but last year it didn’t make a peep. It was this silence that alerted her to the fact that sadly Keely had lost her hearing.

As with us humans exposure therapy can help, make the scary noise into a positive experience, and it can really make a difference. With the digital age we are in, there are a variety of ways to get firework noises onto your phone or computer. Play them now in the run-up alongside some treats, and help your dog or cat get used to the noise. (I wonder if I sit with a doughnut looking at a photo of a spider that will help me!)

It’s common for our pets to hide when they are scared, so if they do have a favourite place, put a blanket or something that smells of them or you there in advance, a Codedimoda cat bed, or a Charley Chau snuggle dog bed can provide the safety and comfort your cat or dog are looking for this coming Halloween.

codedimoda luxury cat bed
Codedimoda Cat Bed or Small Dog Bed
Charley Chau Sunngle Dog Bed

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