Mindful Monday – Paying It Forward

dog snuggle

We hope you and all your beautiful beasts had a wonderful Christmas and a very happy New Year.

January is the month of giving, well to put it more accurately, January is the month of donating.
The fortunate ones of us have enjoyed a Christmas of giving and receiving, with family & friends around us, and hopefully, some extra time to enjoy long walks or snuggles with your beloved companions.

This month we thought it would be nice to make an extra effort in giving, so for all those wonderful gifts or clothes you received, donate some of your own to a local charity shop.
Did you treat your pet to a new bed, blanket, feeding bowl, or toys, donate those not needed to a local shelter. If they are no longer in a suitable state, next time you buy their food, buy a little extra and give that instead.

Giving does not need to just be material things, pay forward the joy you received over Christmas, give a smile, give support, or take out some extra treats on your next dog walk so when you stop for your exchange of greetings, you can ask if it’s okay to share. (Please do ask first before you show your hand…until you have a dog with allergies, a weight problem, or issues with food obsession, it’s easy to want to reward without checking first)

Opening your heart and giving with love, will get you off to a great start this year! Bring it on 2020.

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