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Mindful Monday

Our Beautiful Beasts behaving mindfully!

At Fletcher Of London it’s always Go Go Go, and it’s easy to miss out on the little things, but the little things are not actually that little!
Which is why we’ve started to be more mindful, and thought we would share this Mindful Monday series, passing on the lessons we are learning from our Beautiful Beasts.

Mindfulness is nothing new to our cats and dogs. If you think about what it is to be mindful; things, like being in the present, being aware of your environment, finding joy in everyday things, and being at peace, may come to mind. There is nothing as peaceful as a sleeping dog or cat, and I’m not sure there is anyone more pleased to see us when we return to the house than our four-legged friends (even if we have only been out the house for less time than it would be to boil a kettle)

Just 5 minutes with your beloved companions and you’ll see just how joyous they are about the simplest of things, a rub on the tummy, sharing a snack with you, or going out for a walk.
Then who could deny there is nothing quite as peaceful as your dog or cat sleeping, they sleep soundly, and with absolute contentment. The sound of a snoring puppy should be bottled and used to help those who struggle to get off to sleep!

Our beloved companions exude mindfulness, they immerse themselves in everything they do, and we can learn a lot from them.
This week, to cultivate the moment and immerse yourself in your daily walk, get creative discovering new experiences by being more aware of the environment, how your dog interacts with you and other dogs, the weather, the seasonal changes, and how it makes you feel.

Stay off your phone and enjoy the walk as though it was your first.

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