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How Owning A Dog Could Prevent Your Kids From Taking Drugs

It’s a worry we all have. When our children are old enough, will they give into peer pressure and take drugs? And how do we prevent that from happening?

The answer seems to come in canine form. Owning a dog teaches teens the life skills of leadership, companionship and gives them a better sense of their own mind. We explain why the best way to combat drugs is by owning a new best friend;

A pet may instil a sense of responsibility in your child. If a child feels wholly or even partially responsible for another living creature, the consequences of not fulfilling his or her necessary duties are much more imminent than “If you don’t study, you won’t get into university.”

It may also help build family bonds. Bringing a pet into the family can help children find common ground with their parents and help siblings relate to one another.

Adolescents often start to use and abuse drugs because they are unsure of how to deal with things like stress, depression, and anxiety. A pet is someone who will always listen without judgment. Kids can cry in front of their pet without being embarrassed. They can also use their pet as a soundboard to work out real – life problems.

“Having a family pet can teach children empathy and other forms of emotional intelligence that will help them build stronger bonds with those around them, including family members. Stronger bonds will lead to higher levels of trust between a parent and child, creating a higher likelihood of the child actually believing his or her parents when they say something is bad for him or her.” – ADDICTION RESOURCE , 2017.

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