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Codedimoda Beige and Green Luxury Cat Bed


Repos Miau In Green & Beige By Codedimoda with a selection of cushion choices for your beautiful beast.

Fletcher of London love these fantastic Italian designed beds for cats and small breed dogs. These fabulously shaped soft beds are sure to make your four-legged companion the most stylish member of the pack. With a felt based triangular outer, and matching cushions in either cotton or a microfibre fabric, what isn’t there to love?

The filling for each cushion is vegetable fibre and each cushion cover is machine washable. The felt outer is easily cleaned with a stiff brush.

The Repos Miau is available with multiple matching (or contrasting) cushions so if you see something you like but think a different inner cushion might be more your thing, get in touch and we will do our best to find you the perfect match. The exterior peaked bed is only available in the colours shown.

Codedimoda Beige and Green Luxury Cat Bed


These Codedimoda mattresses are made from 100% breathable elastic visco that creates a constant airflow, ensuring a pleasant freshness sensation, eliminating the formation of mites and bacteria.  Your beautiful beast will feel the luxury as the mattress is able to model itself to their body, ensuring the perfect support, whilst also thermoregulate the mattress according to your pet, so that they are always at the ideal temperature. Codedimoda, creators of breathability, hygiene and freshness.

Additional information

Cushion Type

801 Cotton, 303 Cotton

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