Welcome To Fletcher Of London


Welcome to Fletcher Of London, your one stop shop for all of the finest in design and curated companion products from around the globe

We love everything about design for the home and we see no reason why our beautiful beasts shouldn’t have the same quality of products to ensure that their creature comforts integrate comfortably into our homes.

What we do

That’s why work hard to find the best in design furniture and make it available in one convenient location. Fletcher Of London pride themselves on being a design led business that searches for the finest in design and quality of product for our beautiful beasts.  Whether it’s bedding, clothing or technology for our beautiful beasts, it’s always of the highest standards.

We follow design trends and fashion to find items that will compliment your home and ensure that your pets furniture isn’t just a squidgy pillow in the corner.  Instead we provide you with the perfect source to find bedding, clothing, toys and apparel styled like mid century masterpieces, thrones fit for Louis VI for our beautiful beasts to observe his/her domain.

Our Ethics

We believe strongly in the ethics of caring for and looking after the companions we have sharing our lives and especially the companions that have yet to find a loving home from many of the great charities and organisations that care for our future companions. That’s why Fletcher Of London are committing to give 5% of our profits to a monthly nominated charity or organisation that looks after the welfare of the beautiful beasts that have yet to find loving and caring homes.

We source all of our products ethically and ensure that our suppliers work with recycling and a green mentality. When not sourced in the UK, we ensure that our designers and creators source products responsibly, because you can’t have someone making a beautiful bed for your dog or cat if the person making them can’t afford a nice human bed of their own.

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