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codedimoda luxury cat bed

Why Do Cats Love Cat Cave Beds?

Cats love hiding, they love to find their own personal hiding spot where they can feel safe and secure.
Even if you have cat who is happiest on your lap, chances are they will still have a designated me-time spot, where they can dream until the cows mice come home!

Cat Igloo Beds and Cat Cave Beds have become increasingly popular due to this cat behaviour, and honestly I can understand the appeal.

We have a selection of cat cave beds from Codedimoda – a colourful collection from the fantastic Italian designers, who specialise in beds for cats and small breed dogs. These fabulous teepee cat beds are sure to make your fact feels like Christmas has come early, with the added benefit of being beautifully stylish and exquisitely made.

With a felt-based triangular outer, and matching cushions in either cotton or a microfibre fabric, this bed is the perfect place for your cat to curl up in.

We are now offering the Codedimoda teepee cat beds at more than 50% off!!

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